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Get Your Questions Answered

Q. Is there a credit check?
No, there's no credit check.  However, for tax purposes you will have to provide a valid Social Security Number.

Q. Do I need a credit card?
Yes, you must have a valid credit or debit card with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.  No cash or checks are accepted.

Q. How do I get started?
Visit my WEBSITE HERE and click JOIN NOW.  First click to sign up as a PlanNet Marketing Rep.  Once completed, you will be in your Virtual Office, scroll below and click to PURCHASE ITA NOW.  You will be asked to verify your information, you will need to re-enter your Social Security Number and Credit Card number.  (If you have problems with the password enter (capital letter, lowercase letters, numbers, and use either # or $)

Q. Do I need prior experience?
No, we will train you online, over the phone, in person, or however you see fit.  The company have free training and classes you will have access to.

Q. How will I make money?
You will share your personal InteleTravel website with your friends and family members.  When they book travel on your site you will receive a commission check  (You can track your commissions in the InteleTravel back office)
You will also have the ability to customize vacation packages for your friends and family members where you will also still receive commissions for their trips. 

As a PlanNet Marketing representative you will get paid whenever you grow your team by sharing this opportunity and they decide to partner with you and also start their own ITA business.  Click Here To View the Compensation Plan Video

Q. Will I have support?
YES!  As an organization all leaders are helping.  We will help launch your business and available to answer questions along the way.  The company is great with answering calls and emails as well.

Q. Is recruiting required?
Recruiting is not required.  You will be a travel agent with your own agency and can grow a lucrative and profitable business without recruiting.  You will have access to getting contracts to offer your services, and can promote and grow your travel business as you see fit.

Q. When are travel commissions paid?
Travel commissions are paid out the 10th of every month.  Travel commissions are generated after the trip is completed by the client and can take anywhere from 30- 60 days normally.

Q. Why would my friends and family want to book travel with me?
They know you and trust you.  You will have access to the same offers and deals they see advertised on commercials and through major travel vendors.  Plus the company offer a Best Travel Price Guarantee.  As a travel agent you will be able to negotiate rates for them directly with the vendors.

Q. What's the difference in owning my own agency and becoming a home based travel agent?
When starting your own agency you're required to attend 6 months of classes that average $1800, you are fully responsible for obtaining your own IATA $30,000 and $14,500 annually, your own ARC is $2000 and $210 per year, and we haven't even talked about all the other fees for starting up your website, insurance, bonds, and other affiliations such as CLIA which costs $339 a year up to $5000 a year.

When becoming a home based travel agent with us it's a one time enrollment fee of $179.95 and you receive all the insurance and credentials paid for and maintained by InteleTravel.  Your monthly fee is only $39.95 a month totaling $479.40 per year.  You will have your own online booking personalized booking engine, FREE training, FREE back office, access to the ENTIRE industry JUST like a traditional travel agent so it just makes sense to have NO office overhead, NO employee overhead, etc.

Q. Are people cutting back on travel because of the economy?
No!  Travel is a necessity for many businesses, people are still traveling for life events such as weddings, graduations, etc.  Thanks to payment plans, it's still affordable for families to travel even while being on a budget.  Travel is a recession proof industry.